PondMedic Bacteria


Biological Pond Treatment

Specially designed for ponds that have Sludge, Odour or Algae problems.

• Reduces sludge and eliminates odour issues.
• Cleans ponds from top to bottom
• Completely safe for all fish and aquac plants.
Pond Medic is a liquid formulaon of nitrifying, de-nitrifying and sludge digesting bacteria.
Pond Medic is Non-Toxic, Non-Pathogenic and contains 100% Live Bacteria.
A non-chemical treatment for problem ponds and aquariums.

koi pond
This 100% live Non-Toxic bacterial product has been especially cultured to consume
nutrients that are needed by algae to live.
The bacteria in POND MEDIC will deplete your pond of these nutrients and
cause the algae present to starve and die off and prevent algae getting established
if you are starting with a clean pond.
All bacteria in this liquid formulaon are recognised as safe, non-toxic,
non-pathogenic, and are commonly found in the environment.

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