Decorative Ponds

Every one likes the look of a decorative pond or water feature, BUT at some stage they will suffer from an algae problem.
This is normally caused by the buildup of decaying organic matter like grass, leaves, bird droppings etc, which releases nutrients which feed the the algae hence causing your pond or water feature to go green. (not always a nice sight)
Depending on the type of algae and pond size etc, there are different ways to control the algae and sludge buildup, if you have only a small fish pond or fountain etc, you can use PondMedic Bacteria to consume the nutrients in the water which will help to prevent the algae growing. If you have a larger pond you can use Aeration or Ultrasonic to control the algae.
Another way of suppressing the algae growth is by using SensiPro pond dye, SensiPro is available in blue or black granules or tablets.

   Garden Backyard Pond with Waterfall                                waterfall

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