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Quattro-DB Ultra Sonics

Algae Control Without Chemicals - How it Works

The Quattro-DB, is a state of the art device for algae and biofilm control. The Quattro (4 Directional) – DB (Dual Bandwidth) offers features not found before in these types of devices.  A radial sound output is achieved with two piezo sound emitters that can operate in two different bandwidths for better control of green algae and diatoms in the lower bandwidth and blue-green algae in the higher bandwidth, all accomplished with one device.




Specialising in the manufacture of pollution prevention packages such as the pioneering Klargester BioDisc sewage treatment plant. 

You will find information about our range of products designed to meet the demands of Pollution Control and Sustainable Drainage applications.

Whatever your needs or size of project, we can provide the best option for every situation whether domestic, commercial, industrial or agricultural.

We have solutions for
Sewage Treatments, Reed Beds & Oil/Water Separators.


Pond Maintenance Made Easy
Power-Cyclone Pond Vacuum
Non-stop continuous vacuum with power discharge makes cleaning your shallow water ponds easy.

Aeration And Fountains.


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