Aeration is for all seasons

Airmax® Aeration for ponds and lakes is
made up of several different systems designed for 1/4
acre ponds to 100 acre lakes. Although much
different in mechanical design, the common thread
between all Airmax® Aeration is the same: Circulation
and oxygen, quiet operation, high efficiency, and
simple installation and maintenance.

Pond Series-90


Up until the last few years, most pond
owners have relied on REACTIVE pond
management practices to keep their
ponds clear of excessive, unwanted,
aquatic growth. They’ve traditionally
waited for the problem to appear then
treated it chemically. Although sometimes
necessary as a management tool, chemical
applications can be bandages for the
real problem and can actually contribute
to the problem by adding more nutrient
rich muck and increasing the overall
nutrient load.
Since the introduction of the Airmax
Ecobac/TLC program, pond owners have
been able to convert to, and rely on,
PROACTIVE pond management practices.
Using aeration, 100% natural bacteria and/
or pond dyes, they’ve been able to get
directly at the SOURCE of their problems;
excessive nutrients in the water column
and muck at the bottom of the pond. By
providing microbial competition for these
nutrients, they’ve successfully maintained
healthy, clear ponds.


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