Lake Life Pump

The Ultimate in Health Insurance for your Pond

Prevents Fish Kills, Effectively Circulates Oxygen, Helps Fish Thrive

Acts like the Heart of your pond by circulating life giving oxygen from the surface and mixes it into the depths of your pond to expand the living environment for all oxygen breathing organisms.   This means a healthier pond and BIGGER Fish.

  • Larger, healthier fish: protects your investment in stocking your lake by providing an optimum environment for fish health.
  • Proven effective: independently tested, endorsed by Ray Scott after successful installation in his 52 acre lake.
  • Low energy use: effectively circulates lakes of 15-20 acres with only a one horsepower motor - Nothing else on the market compares.
  • Manages large lakes and ponds: a single unit can circulate a lake up to 15-20 acres to a depth of 12-13 feet. Also effective in ponds as small as 2-3 acres. Works best in water depths of 7 feet or more.
  • Long life motor: designed for continuous operations. Option to add a timing device for specific applications.
  • Electrical: plugs into a standard GFI-protected outlet, available in both 120 volt (11 amps) or 240 volt (5.5 amps) models.
  • Installation: order with up to 400’ of power cable. Includes 3 mooring ropes. Requires 6 weights (three 10-15 pound and three 20-25 pound to assure proper anchoring -not included).
  • Silent: quiet operation means no on-shore noise.
  • Low Total Cost of Ownership: purchase, operational, maintenance, and installation costs are very low compared to other large lake aeration equipment.
  • Backed by Kasco Quality: includes a full two-year warranty from Kasco, a leader in lake management products for over 40 years.

oxygenating_water_lake_life_pump_before_aeration oxygenated_water_lake_life_pump_after_aeration

Here's how it works:

  • The Lake Life Pump pushes oxygenated water from the surface of the pond downward with a large protected blade spinning at low a rpm.
  • The downward movement of oxygenated water is designed to help mix your pond and prevent thermal and chemical stratification and prevent pond turnover along with turnover related fish kills.
  • 1 hp of energy can effectively circulate up to a 20 acre lake to a depth of at least 12 feet.

Unit Details:

  • The motor is an energy efficient wash down style designed for continuous duty
  • Available in 120V (only 11 running amps) or 240V (only 5.5 running amps) options.
  • The only additional items you will need to purchase are six 20-25 pound anchors to keep the unit in place.
  • Control panel with a timer and GFCI is an option. (C-25 for 120V and C-85 for 240)
  • 2 Year warranty
  • Float and draft tube housing made of rugged black UV resistant polyethylene.

btn_contact_us_aerators today installing a Lake Life Pump in your pond or lake and rest easy knowing your fish and investment are safe. 

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