BioDisc® BA-BD

High performance package sewage treatment systems for domestic applications

For domestic dwellings without access to mains drainage, the Klargester BioDisc® provides a reliable, efficient and environmentally safe solution to your sewage disposal needs.

The Klargester BioDisc® is the only packaged sewage treatment plant utilising Rotating Biological Contactor technology for small domestic applications.

This process offers inherent cost and performance benefits with a low carbon footprint.
  • Certified up to 95% efficient to European Performance Standard BS EN 12566-3
  • Proven Rotating Biological Contactor technology featuring unique flow management system
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Silent in operation
  • Low running and lifetime costs
  • Manufactured under the quality procedures of ISO 9001
BioDisc_Domestic_Sewage_Treatment_System BioDisc_Domestic_Sewage_Treatment_System_2 BioDisc_Domestic_Sewage_Treatment_System_3 BioDisc_Domestic_Sewage_Treatment_System4

To find out how to further enhance the quality of effluent migrating into a watercourse look at the reed beds section.

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BioDisc BA-BD Brochure

BioDisc Sewage Treatment Plants Units-BA-BG

Installation Guidelines for BioDisc Units BA, BAx, BB and NB

Installation Guidelines for BioDisc Units BC and NC

Owners Handbook for BioDisc BA & BC

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