BioDisc® BE-BL

High Performance Package Sewage Treatment Plants for Residential, Business & Leisure Applications

The Klargester BioDisc® utilisesKlargester_BioDisc_BE_BL proven rotating biological contactor (RBC) technology, and this renowned range of larger BioDisc®  treatment plants enables Kingspan Environmental to offer solutions against a much wider range of applications.

Certain commercial applications place additional stresses on the wastewater treatment process. The sewage strength from the cocktail of detergents, cleaners, and chemicals demands a greater treatment capacity than a purely residential application. In such instances Kingspan Environmental can advise on the best possible treatment and BioDisc® can meet your requirements efficiently and cost-effectively.

  • Suitable for larger developments and commercial sites
  • Manufactured under the quality procedures of ISO 9001
  • Proven Rotating Biological Contactor technology featuring unique flow management system
  • Low running and lifetime costs
  • Silent in operation

Klargester_BioDisc_BE_BL_installation Klargester_BioDisc_BE_BL_installation Klargester_BioDisc_BE_BL_installation Klargester_BioDisc_BE_BL_installation

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BioDisc BE-BL Brochure

Installation and Operation Guidelines for single Units BioDisc BH-BL & NH-NL

BioDisc 450-2000 Installation Guidelines

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