BioDisc Benefits

Klargester pioneered the development of packaged treatment plants and now have over 250,000 installations and 35 years experience. The BioDisc® system is a high performance package sewage treatment system suitable for residential and commercial applications. The RBC unit coupled with Klargester’s Patented Flow Management (KPFM) results in significant cost, engineering, process and environmental benefits.

Among the main benefits are:

Cost Benefits

Low capital costs compared to competitor’s treatment plants of similar performance.
  • Low operating costs from under 50W to 370W power requirement over the range; substantially less than pump and blower alternatives.
  • Low lifetime costs particularly the drive motor with a longer service life than the pumps and blowers fitted to competitive units.
  • Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) technology with inherent cost and performance benefits.
  • All units are delivered ready to install reducing site development costs.
  • Units are re-useable

Engineering Benefits

Simple mechanical process ensuing low operating and maintenance costs.
  • All units supplied with a linked Control Panel with single phase supply converted within the panel to 3-phase prior to connection to the drive motor for larger units.
  • Proven track record for high quality performance, reliability and low maintenance
  • Installation and commissioning by Certified Installers.
  • Planned service and maintenance programmes are available upon request.

Process Benefits

  • Consistent performance and effluent quality.
  • Certified to European Standards with 95% pollution removal under varying loads and conditions.
  • Patented Flow Management Process (KPFM) provides flow and biological balancing smoothing out biological load variations and flow peaks and troughs.
  • Hydraulic separation using KPFM ensures all wastewater is fully treated without by-passing, a symptom often associated with systems that rely on pumps or compressors.
  • The process is self-establishing and does not require the addition of chemicals or cultures.
  • KPFM allows for 6 hours of retention within the unit.
  • Capability to adjust plant performance.
  • No process maintenance required.
  • Sludge return pump enhances performance and is configurable to help overcome seasonal variations.

Environmental Benefits

  • High effluent qualities for both domestic and commercial units.
  • Installation minimizes visual impact.
  • No odour and silent in operation

Autumn 2005 also saw certification of the BioDisc to EN pr 12566; the new European Standard for sewage treatment plants. Once the 38 week test period is complete a set of treatment efficiency ratios are produced, they are then recorded on the CE label. The need for uniformity across the industry is now a central issue to all manufacturers as products required structural integrity and performance are defined. The declared Treatment Efficiency (TE) ratios will assist the customer to purchase a plant that meets both his discharge requirements and provides an effluent suitable for the environment and specific location. The TE ratios will clearly demonstrate the distinctions between each system on the market. The BioDisc was one of the first products to pass this test at the PIA Prüfinstitut für Abwassertechnik GmbH (Aachen).

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