Quattro-DB Ultra Sonics

Algae Control Without Chemicals!

How It Works.

The Quattro-DB, is a state of the art device for algae and biofilm control. The Quattro (4 Directional) – DB (Dual Bandwidth) offers features not found before in these types of devices.  A radial sound output is achieved with two piezo sound emitters that can operate in two different bandwidths for better control of green algae and diatoms in the lower bandwidth and blue-green algae in the higher bandwidth, all accomplished with one device.

The device does no harm to higher order organisms such as fish and plants, nor does it harm bio-solids and planktonic organisms.  Since the device can control biofilm formation on cleaned surfaces, you may notice surfaces near the device remain clean for long periods after being initially cleaned.  Some fungi, such as Pythium, will also be controlled by the device.

The device creates ultrasonic frequencies that cover two important bandwidth areas where algae can be controlled via critical structural resonance similar to the way a crystal glass can be broken by the right sound pitch.  Ultrasound works as the force to cause these internal vibrations in algae cells or in organelles inside the algae cells that disable them.


Design Capability:

Green Algae and Diatom Algae Control Range: 150 meters radially from the device or about 7 hectares or 17.5 acres.
Blue-green Algae with gas vesicles Control Range: 400 meters radially from
the device or about 50 hectares or 124 acres.
Frequency ranges: Bandwidth 1 - 24-58 kHz
                               Bandwidth 2 – 195-205 kHz

Total Frequencies per cycle:  2024
Time per cycle: about 34 minutes
Power consumed:  about 12 watts, Peak power 50 watts

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