Solar Power System

We’ve harnessed the very power source that algae need to grow, the sun, to power the device that controls them. Designed and engineered specifically to work with any of our 24-volt models, our state-of-the-art solar power system will provide five days and nights of continuous power without sunlight. Batteries are included! Perfect for remote sites that lack a power supply, the Solar Power System eliminates the need for costly power installations. Get the power you need whenever and wherever you need it and harness the sun to help control your algae problem! Sonic_Solutions_Four_Panel_Solar_Power_System_Alpha_Environmental


Features & Benefits

  • Perfect for remote site.
  • Avoids running AC power to isolated sites.
  • Low initial investment.
  • Commercial grade AGM batteries included for highest reliability and longest life
  • Batteries provide 5 days and nights of power allowing for rainy/cloudy weather operation.
  • Microprocessor regulated charging levels ensures fastest charging and longest battery life.
  • Automatic low voltage cut back. Protects batteries from deep discharge battery damage or failure.
  • Secure Battery Box located above ground. Helps ensure that flooding or animals will not damage the batteries
  • Custom engineered and designed for use with SonicSolutions® Algae Control units with SonicSolutions® warranty
  • Built to last. Panels certified to withstand a hail storm with winds up to 120 MPH
  • Designed and built in the USA
  • Solar unit includes solar panel, control box, wiring, pole, mounting brackets and batteries

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SonicSolutions Solar Power System Brochure

SonicSolutions Solar Power System Manual

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