Bioaugmentation for Lakes and Ponds

Introducing the ECOBAC System for Aquaculture and Lakes & Ponds, Both Freshwater and Saltwater.

All ponds and lakes will have some form of organic waste in them (i.e leaves, grass, twigs, fish waste, etc.), As these breakdown they release nutrients into the water which then becomes a soluble source of food for algae, which in the right conditions can lead to an undesirable algae bloom.

The specialised ECOBAC bacterial formulations are designed to breakdown and digest organic matter and fish waste byproducts. By the addition of the ECOBAC formulations, we can utilise the feeding habits of the bacteria to consume the soluble BOD and therefore deprive the algae of the food/nutrients that they need to grow.
We use the term "Competitive exclusion" for this process.
We have adapted and improved our patented technology over the years and can provide ready to use formulations for smaller ponds and for larger sites can provide our ABI Bioreactor to cultivate the bacterial formulations on site.

Advantages of our Ecobac Products and Systems
  • An easy to use management tool for pond quality.
  • No expensive capital equipment needed.
  • ABI Bioreactors available for purchase or hire for your project.
  • Each bacterial programme is designed for your site and objectives.
  • Harmless to all aquatic life, bird life and humans.
  • Non-toxic, non-pathogenic, non-hazardous.
  • None of the formulations are  genetically modified in anyway.
  • Freshwater, Saltwater and Brackish water formulations available

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