EcoBac SSTP 3000

Product Data Sheet

General Product Description

EcoBac SSTP 3000 is a liquid concentrate of nitrifying, denitrifying, and sludge consuming bacteria. This product is intended for use directly from the bottle, and does not require use of a Delivery System.
In general, it is meant for use in small treatment plants, septic systems, and other small wastewater treatment applications.

Intended Uses

Broad spectrum product is used both as a one-time start up dose and for ongoing treatment improvement for many common wastewater applications. It is excellent for general efficiency enhancement in small
wastewater applications, such as odour control, effluent improvement, grease reduction, and sludge reduction. 

Product Composition

EcoBac SSTP 3000 is a liquid suspension of the following bacteria: Nitrosococcus oceani, Nitrococcus mobilis, Nitrosomonas europaea, Nitrobacter agilis, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus amyloliquefaciens, and Bacillus licheniformis. All of these organisms are recognized as ubiquitous throughout the world. All of these bacteria are natural strains, and are not genetically engineered in any way.

Product Safety Considerations

All of the bacteria originate from strains that are cultivated, stored, and distributed by American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). ATCC is an internationally known repository of bacterial strains (among other microorganisms). All of the bacteria contained in EcoBac SSTP 3000 are
considered BioSafety Level 1. BioSafety Level 1 designation means that the bacteria are non-hazardous and non-pathogenic, and that no unusual precautions are necessary for safe handling of these organisms.

Shell Life and Storage

EcoBac SSTP 3000 is shipped in 4 litre and 20 litre containers, and should be used within 6 months of delivery if the product is stored at room temperature of between 15 to 30 C. If refrigerated at between
freezing and 15 C, the product is good for one year after delivery. Always store EcoBac SSTP 3000 at less than 45 C. Do not freeze.

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