Introducing the EcoBac System for Waste Water Treatment

A Specialised Formulation of Bacteria and Nutrients to Improve the Solubilisation and Digestion of Organic Waste

Waste water treatment professionals must deal with the build up of grease and sludge in municipal and industrial treatment and collection system components.  This situation requires costly mechanical removal and disposal of grease and sludge, and can impact the performance of treatment and collection facilities.

The EcoBac System is an improvement of patented technology.  With our products and systems you receive completely natural, non-engineered bacteria that have been selected for their ability to solubles and ingest grease and sludge.  The EcoBac involves the use of a bio reactor tank and a supply of dried bacteria and nutrients along with the technology to grow vast numbers of specific bacteria at the site for easy and cost-effective dosage to the treatment and collection components as needed.

Various adaptions of our technology have been successfully implemented at over fifty WWTPs around the world, in plants ranging from small package plants to large municipal plants with flows up to 800,000 cubic meters per day.

Advantages of the EcoBac System

  • Final effluent will be improved
  • Changes in plant operations will not be necessary
  • Only non-pathogenic, non-hazardous, non-toxic bacteria in vast numbers will be introduced into the facility.
  • Only minutes per day are required to dose EcoBac products.
  • EcoBac products improve the digestion of grease and sludge within sewer lines and lift stations.

Other products include EcoBac Sulf-X, a unique product that inhibits the formation of sulfide gas, which aside from causing offensive odours, is corrosive to treatment components and can be detrimental to efficient digestion of organic matter in waste water and in sludge digestion facilities.

Alpha Environmental offers the technical support to assess the conditions at your facility and recommend specifically designed solutions.


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