Use of EcoSock

Finally...A Simple, Effective Tool to Solve Grease Problems in Grease Traps, Sewer Lines and Septic Tanks.

Restaurant managers, pumpers, and waste water superintendents face a challenging problem in maintenance of traps, sewer lines and small wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs). Despite their best efforts, grease build-up seems inevitable. This build-up causes two major problems. First, expensive and sometimes dangerous manual cleaning
and pumping is required to ensure that the station works correctly. Second, grease build-up contributes to odors, including sulfide. In small WWTPs, lack of staffing and irregular waste loads contribute to plant effluent problems. With EcoSocks, Aquatic BioControl provides a solution to these problems. 

For grease applications, we offer EcoSock-G, and for small treatment plants we offer EcoSock-MWT.

EcoSock-G is your most cost-effective solution toecosocks grease trap, sewer line and lift station grease build-up problems. EcoSocks are unlike anything previously available. Like some products, they contain powdered mixtures of specialized bacteria and nutrients, which together digest grease and scum. But the patent-pending EcoSocks also contain a unique, pH buffered slow-release oxygen source. This means that with EcoSocks, you actually produce huge numbers of active,
grease-digesting bacteria inside the product container - without costly bioreactors.

EcoSock-MWT is an outstanding solution to small WWTP problems. Since EcoSocks release potent BOD reducing bacteria constantly, plant problems caused by irregular staffing and irregular waste loads are minimized. Effluent is improved, odors are reduced, and the plant
operates with much greater efficiency.

EcoSocks of both types (G and MWT) are packaged in a convenient natural fiber bag and include an attached 12-foot tether. To install an EcoSock, simply tie the tether to a rail or post, and let the EcoSock stay submerged in waste water where they are most needed.

Eco Socks provide constant release of bacteria and last up to 12 weeks before replacement. That means that only minutes per month are needed to use the Eco Socks properly. Nothing is as easy and as effective as Eco Socks.

For most grease traps, use one Eco Sock per month. For very large or difficult traps, increase dose to 2 or more per month. For sewer lines, lift stations, and small WWTP situations, consult your distributor for optimum dose, as treatment Septic Tanks situations vary from site to site.

EcoSock Benefits:

    • No Electricity or Water Required
    • Installs in Minutes
    • Lasts up to 12 weeks
    • Most Economical Solution
    • Eliminates Manual Cleaning
    • Improves WWTP Performance

Find out how the EcoSock works

Contains Patent-Pending Oxygen Source for Maximum Efficiency

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