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ODOURS: What & Why

ECOLO® airSolution® is primarily designed to work against organically based odours. Therefore, we will concentrate on organically based odours, not on man made odours from chemicals and altered organic matter such as plastics, oil, etc.

“What is an organically based odour?”

This is another popular question posed to us. A simple explanation is that an organically based odour is what nature creates during the decomposing of animal and vegetable matter. Nature creates the odour by using bacteria, oxygen and water to attack the organic matter and to convert it into a state that will allow it to be absorbed back into nature. As in all that nature does, there is a very solid reason for each action and there is always a reaction process.

Nature makes odours during the decomposing of organic matter for two reasons: to attract and to detract. It attracts insects, vermin and other animals that help in the breaking down process of organic matter by using it or consuming it. Nature also makes odours to deter animals, humans and other species that could be potentially harmed by the organic matter, or made ill by the bacteria and insects that are involved in breaking down the organic matter to a point where it can be absorbed back into nature.

The gaseous product in the natural process of decomposition is what we call an odour and to each species odours mean different things. A dinner bell for some; a warning bell for others – but, the creation of odours, being a natural process, should not be stopped by artificial means.

For years and years, humankind has tried to stop or suspend this natural process by using chemicals and as usual, when man fights nature, he loses. Not only does man lose, but the other species living on and sharing this planet lose.

When humankind tried to eliminate insects using D.D.T., nature made better, stronger insects that could resist it – but the D.D.T. caused problems and even death for the higher species in the food chain such as birds and fish.

Nature makes odours for specific reasons as noted and when the purpose has been served, nature, using natural methods eliminates the odours. Nature knows odours must be eliminated or we would still be breathing the air and smelling the same odours created when the dinosaurs died off.

Have you ever been walking in a park, forest, field or vegetated area and came upon an animal carcass in the process of decomposing, or a collection of garbage in the same setting also decomposing? You would have noticed that you could not detect any foul odours until you were within 18-24’ of the site. On the other hand, if a decaying animal or pile of garbage was left in a parking lot or on the road side, you would be able to smell the emanating odours from 75-150’ away. The reason is, on asphalt or concrete or any man made environment, there is no natural deodoriser working to eliminate the odours and to absorb them back into the natural process.

In a natural setting, nature deodorises using trees, flowers, grass and other vegetation which produce fragrance, oils and vapours with the natural ability to attack and destroy organic odour molecules. Nature does not kill bacteria to stop odours; it breaks up the unnecessary odour molecule causing the bacteria to die naturally after it has completed its mission to decompose the organic matter.

Here at ECOLO®, we know that we are not smarter than Mother Nature. We definitely are not going to get into a boxing ring with her or try to trick her with a masking agent. We have learned from her, thus creating airSolution®, a solution which emulates and duplicates the natural decomposing and deodorising process in an unnatural atmosphere.


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