What is ECOLO airSolution®?

This is a popular question and is frequently asked by potential customers.

airSolution® is a mixture of essential oils from vegetation growing worldwide. Several formulations of airSolution® can have up to 354 different ingredients.

Why do we need so many different ingredients to fight odours? We need these different ingredients because each organic matter produces different odours when it is naturally decomposed.

Garbage odours emanate from several sources of decomposing organic matter the combination of which changes from day to day.

Sewage odours also emanate from several sources of organic matter and they change on an ongoing basis.

Washroom odours, locker room odours, cooking odours and stale odours are all different, and they too may experience change.

However, the base odour from each of these areas is usually the same, though different from each other; the only variations are strength, intensity and new organic matter introduced.

airSolution® must be formulated to eliminate not only the base odours, but the different odours that can be produced from a wide variety of organic matter from each area.

airSolution® formulations for garbage odours will not be as effective on cooking odours and vice versa.

Each formulation is for specific odours and they should be used as recommended.

To explain how and why airSolution® works on odours, the following may be helpful. Nature creates odours when decomposing organic matter for two reasons:

1. As a dinner bell to insects, vermin, birds, and several species of mammals, reptiles, etc.

2. As a warning bell telling man that whatever is decomposing and the surrounding area could be dangerous.

When you enter an area where there are offensive odours, you usually get a feeling in the pit of your stomach – an uneasy, queasy feeling; that is your natural reaction to malodours. It is your brain telling you to leave this area, nature’s warning bell.

Everything in nature has a counter balance. Nature makes odours and then when they have served their purpose, nature destroys the odours.

ECOLO airSolution® consists of these natural ingredients, in a much more concentrate form because we need to work faster than nature’s process of odour control.

airSolution® introduces the natural process of odour control into unnatural settings. Instead of a forest to work in, airSolution® must work in garbage rooms, washrooms, sewage treatment plants etc.

airSolution® eliminates odours in the natural way in unnatural settings.

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