Ant treatments and baits



X-it Ant Argentine and Darwin Ant spray

X-It Ant is a very effective residual surface spray, for the exterior control of ants. The concentrate spray is supplied in 225 ml plastic bottles. X-It Ant has proven to give at least 6 - 8 months control and even eradicate colonies of Argentine ants and some other species of ants. Eradication depends on the whole property being treated at once including fences, tree trunks and path edges.


Recruit 100sc Spray

Recruit 100sc spray is a very effective residual surface spray specially for indoor use for control of cluster flies, spiders, ants and other insects. Residual control for up to 6 weeks may be obtained.



The "BIFF ANT PROGRAMME"  Is the latest treatment method to be released on the market. This treatment method has been developed and extensively trialed in NZ by Key Industries, for NZ conditions, and has proved  very successful in dealing with Argentine and Darwin ant infestations. Experience has shown that the Biff Ant treatment gives effective control on established colonies of black ants and White Footed ants. This treatment programme can only be applied by Key Industries approved applicators. Alpha Environmental are approved applicators. An added product is the Biforce Granules which are used on bark gardens and rockeries or pebble beds.


This ant bait is very effective on the various species of black ants in NZ and is the most suitable we have found for the White Footed ants that love invading houses and making nests in house walls and roof cavities. Anecdotal evidence is that Argentine ants will feed on this bait during the winter time which all helps to reduce their numbers.



Vanquish is a very effective ant bait in the form of a pale green paste which will control and even eradicate colonies of Argentine ants and some other species of ants.

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Biforce Granular Insecticide is very effective in the control of ants and other pests in exterior applications ie, lawns and gardens etc.
Suitable for use where sprays and other products can't be used in outdoor applications.

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Dust2Dust is a very fine white particle dust and is used for the effective control of ants, cockroaches, fleas, wasps, bed bugs and other insects. Dust2Dust kills within minutes and remains viable for months if left untouched or in dry areas eg, ceilings, wall cavities, etc.

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