BIFF ANT Programme


BIFF ANT is a product that has over 3 years of replicated trials and field studies.  These have proved that BIFF ANT is capable of giving excellent long term residual control of Argentine ants and Darwin ants, where this was not previously possible. Variations in pH  of surfaces, organic content, UV breakdown, wash-off, heat and repellency has contributed to control being unachievable by current spray and bait applications. The successful development of Biff Ant has changed this. There is no other product on the market in NZ that is so successful.

BIFF ANT features.

  • Non repellent - This is important as ants are very mobile and will move quickly over or along a selected highway or area.
  • Has immediate knock down.
  • Is residual over a long period of time. Due to ants instincts to preen each other, BIFF ANT can be transported or passed to other ants not in the immediate sprayed area.
  • Is stable under a wide range of surface pH and environmental conditions.
  • Is suitable as a companion product with baiting programs. eg. Xstinguish.
  • Kills a wide range of pests including but not limited to spiders, flies, mosquitoes, fleas and cockroaches.
  • Manufactured, tested and proven in New Zealand.
  • The BIFF ANT programme  is based on an approved 6 step inspection of your property and environment and analysis of spray method, technique and selection of complimentary treatments such as Biforce Granules for grass areas and bark gardens. Dust 2 Dust can be utilised in cracks and crevices and cavities in walls.

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