Granular Insecticide

Biforce Granular Insecticide is excellent for use outdoors, simply broadcast evenly over the affected area.
Use for the control of all ant species (includes Argentine ants, Darwin ants, White footed ants, Black ants), Fleas, Tick, Lawn army worm, Crickets
For use on lawns, bark, compost heaps, dense vegetation, shrubs and gardens and external surrounds of buildings and structures.
NOTE: For outdoor use only.

Features and Benefits.
  • Will not damage sensitive plants or turf
  • Small particle size - easy to spread
  • Long term residual action - stable over a wide range of environmental conditions
  • Very low odour
  • Superior insect control
DSCN1450a-487 Available in: 500gm Shaker (as shown)
                   5kg Bucket
                  15kg Bucket

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