Dust2Dust is a ready to apply dust formulation and requires no further dilution. Dust2Dust is a very fine particle dust with exceptional penetration and coverage.
Very effective against Ants(all species), cockroaches, silverfish, fleas, carpet beetles, bed bugs, spiders, German and common wasps plus many others.

Very easy to apply, just puff some powder on/in to the entrance of the nest or points of entry in wall cavities etc.
For carpet beetles and fleas dust powder directly into carpet and brush into carpet pile. also treat areas where flea larvae may develop.
For bedbugs apply to bedroom furniture and mattresses as well as to any cracks, crevices or areas where insects may hide.

After application new powder deposits should be left undisturbed as long as possible.
Repeat application when and if necessary.

Situations for use; Domestic, industrial and commercial premises, hotels, restaurants and institutions such as hostels, schools and hospitals.
Applications; Ceiling voids, wall and floor cavities, crawl spaces, wasp nests, cracks and crevices.
DSCN1456a-821-928 Available sizes in: 100gm puffer pottle (as shown)
                             2kg Bucket (Approved handlers only)

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