EXTERM-AN- ANT is an ant killer containing natural attractants and toxins, which  is picked up and carried back to the nest to destroy the colony. This product is very effective on the very invasive "White Footed Ant" which is a small black ant that exhibits erratic behavior if you attempt to touch it or put your finger in its pathway. It is a thick flowing syrup which is ready to use straight from the bottle. It must be shaken well to mix the ingredients before laying in small caps or bottle lids.

The key to success with this product is to wash the lids or caps every 7 days, or throw them away and use some fresh ones, and to place the fresh baits at least 400mm away from the previous placement position. This is because the White Footed ants lay a pheromone trail and also 'mark' the bait station being used as either as good source of food or a bad source. We can confuse them by washing the pheromone off the bait station  with hot soapy water after 7 days, by which time they are likely to have 'marked' it 'bad', and then placing it in a new position with a fresh bait of Exterm-an- ant.

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