X-It Ant

X-It Ant

X-It Ant is a residual insecticide for the exterior control of ants around dwellings.X-It Ant is suitable on all surfaces including lawns,gardens, (excluding vegetable gardens) bark, soil, asphalt,exterior walls, footpaths and driveways.
In areas where you cannot successfully apply X-It Ant like long grass or compost bins it is recommended that you use the BiForce Granules.
Apply X-It Ant with a knapsack or hand tank sprayer. It is preferable to use a sprayer that is dedicated to this product only, or one that is totally residue free from other chemicals and insecticides.
DO NOT apply on exterior surfaces or gardens where food for human consumption would be prepared or grown.

Benefits of using X-It Ant:

  • Efficacy against all ant species in NZ including Argentine and Darwin ants.
  • Can be used on all exterior surfaces including tree trunks, lawns, concrete paths, fences and buildings.
  • Rain-fast after 1 hour of sunlight.
  • Control of ants for extended periods depending on the surface treated and exposure to rain.
  • X-It Ant forms a non-repellent barrier that ensures uptake of the chemical when walked on by ants.
  • X-It Ant has been designed specifically in New Zealand, for New Zealand conditions and has proven effective against nuisance ants in outdoor areas.
  • X-It Ant has shown  outstanding performance where traditional control methods have failed.
  • WARNING, Do NOT spray on glass or windows. Toxic to fish, cover ponds before spraying.
  • Always read the label !!
DSCN1458a-596-286 Available in
225 ml bottles (as shown)
1 L squeeze 'n' pour bottles (Approved handlers only)

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