Zerobac®, Chlorine Dioxide

Zerobac is the result of on-going research and development with our breakthrough product Alphasan concentrate.

We are pleased to introduce Zerobac as a powerful sanitiser for equipment and machinery with the advantage of an added food-grade ingredient to break the surface tension of water and improve the wetting and dispersions of our powerful sanitiser into those hard to get at and easy to miss places.  The small amount of foam/bubbles generated enable the cleaning operator to quickly see where they have sanitised or patches they may have missed.  This gives advantages of no unnecessary re-spraying saving time and chemical.

Zerobac has all the premium advantages of Alphasan, including NZFSA C43 no rinse approval.  We do not recommend or suggest that Zerobac be used directly onto foods in the manufacturing process.  (Alphasan should be used for this application.  Talk to us here at Alpha Environmental.)  Zerobac disinfects surfaces rapidly and is effective against Listeria, E coli and other commonly found pathogenic organisms associated with food processing facilities.  Zerobac is effective at low concentrations and short contact times and is effective in hard or soft water at the same application rates.  Zerobac can be used safely on all porous and non-porous surfaces and will not react with stainless steel surfaces.

Zerobac is a cell membrane oxidiser and because the active ingredient Chlorine dioxide is a gas, this gas easily penetrates the cell wall and destroys the nucleus.  The cell is not able to survive this destruction meaning that resistance to Zerobac will never be a problem.  This in turn means you do not have to experiment with various sanitisers to overcome resistance problems.

Zerobac has many safety advantages over Hypochlorite and chlorine based products.
  • Supplied as a ready to use concentrate - no mixing of dangerous acids and chemicals required
  • Available in 10L, 20L, 200L and 1000L IBC containers
  • Does not produce chlorinated organic by-products
  • Does not produce Halo acetic acids, Trihalomethanes or chlorophenols
  • Not corrosive to skin at the 1000 ppm concentrate we manufacture
  • No Approved Handler certificate needed under HSNO Regulations
  • Rapidly Bio-degrades on exposure to sunlight
  • Does not produce carcinogenic by-products
  • Alphasan has been determined by ERMA to be non-hazardous

For further information see our Alphasan papers

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