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Who We Are

Operating since 1990, Alpha Environmental Ltd has become one of the leading providers of water quality management solutions, biological environmental remediation products and microbial disinfection solutions, trusted by clients throughout New Zealand and overseas.

Family Business

We are a family business and 100% NZ owned and operated. Based in Nelson, we are ideally situated to service all of our clients rapidly and efficiently.

Formerly Alpha Distributors, the current company Alpha Environmental Ltd was established in 2017, creating a specialist manufacturer and supplier of products and solutions for:


  • Potable water quality management

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Process water treatment

  • Aquacultural water management

  • Plant & crop growth & protection

  • Soil remediation

  • Food safety (disinfection & microbial control)

  • Pond & lake remediation

  • Animal health

  • Biosecurity & pest control

Our Vision & Values

Our lifelong mission is to be problem solvers and solution providers that can share and deliver the essential specialist knowledge and experience that is required to give the highest level of support to our customers, to improve and sustainably maintain their operations and facilities with the most effective products and solutions, with no negative impact on the health and safety of people or the environment.

Integrity, respect, responsibility, commitment and clear communications are crucial to how we do business. We stand by what we say, today and every day. Our customers first come to us for our experience and know-how, as well as the quality of our products, but they stay with us for our impeccable service and support.

With our vast knowledge base in our specialist fields, including microbiologists, chemists and aquaculture scientists, we have the capability and knowledge to ensure that your project is a success. We utilise our extensive knowledge to solve complex challenges with straightforward solutions built around meeting, and exceeding, our customer’s requirements.

We look forward to working with you.
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What our Clients say

Algae was causing water quality issues for a council in the North Island, and algae was not wanted in their water bodies because it can cause odour problems, it is not aesthetically pleasing and some types of algae produce toxins and are poisonous to animals.

An Ultrasonic Algae Control Device was installed with excellent results.

“Algae growing in the council’s 2.1 hectare reservoir has withered and died within a month of being hit by ultrasonic soundwaves. It’s the first time we have used soundwaves to control algae and the trial has been a resounding success” said Mark, the council’s manager of water.

Mark continued “It works on certain types of algae and basically it damages the cell structure in the algae and they die. After a month we found the algae was indeed dying off, which is great because there’s no chemicals and it doesn’t kill fish. The technology has been around for some time and the frequency of the ultrasonic soundwaves are very high and above what a human ear can hear. It saves using other methods, like chemicals, so it’s a cost effective way of managing the situation.” 

Council in Taranaki Region, (Used for controlling algae species Anabaena & Microcystis)

“We have used ALPHASAN for about 5 years now and have always found it to be excellent for use in our RSW Tanks to enhance the quality of our fish and to extend their shelf-life. We ran out of this product last month so we used some Sodium Hypochlorite instead, which we had in stock. I was surprised at the difference between the two solutions, and never realised until then how rough Hypochlorite is on the fish!”

Fisherman from Nelson


This was part of a Sequential Batch Reactor servicing a small town near Queenstown.

Notice the thick scum layer with pine needles on top of the clarifier, causing the distortion of the channels.

All the scum has now been digested & the effluent is clear. The final discharge was running at 10/10 BOD/SS.

Pollution Solutions

Our logo is “POLLUTION SOLUTIONS” and our mission is to be a problem solver and a solutions provider. We aim to give you with the best of our tried and tested solutions to your PROBLEMS. If we know we cannot help you, we will say so, and save your valuable time and ours. 

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