A superior residual granular insecticide for the effective and rapid control of lawn and
turf pests, including all ant species, fleas, ticks, crickets, Lawn armyworms, Sod
webworms, African black beetles and Argentine stem weevils.
 For superior insect control outdoors
 Small particle size – easy to spread
 Will not damage sensitive plants or turf
 Long term residual action – stable over a wide range of environmental
 Very low odour
Insect control in organic areas such as turf, shrub and bush areas, compost heaps
and gardens can be difficult to achieve with conventional spray and dust pest control
products. A heavy insecticide such as Biforce® is most effective at penetrating deep
into the swath of these insect infected areas as it will drop through the canopy to where
the insects are located. The heavy regular shaped particles make it easy to spread
and apply, and allows the granules to penetrate effectively into swath areas.
AREAS FOR USE: Lawns, parks, recreational areas, sports fields and grounds, golf
courses, bowling greens, orchards, vineyards, plant nurseries, turf farms and arable
farms, tunnel houses, as well as gardens, compost heaps, gardens, bark areas, shrub
areas, and the external surrounds of buildings and structures.
Active Ingredient: 2g/kg Bifenthrin, in the form of a granular sand.
Pack Sizes: 5Kg Pail / 15Kg Bucket