Function-focused beneficial bacteria species and nutrients are used to augment existing bacterial populations, making them more stable and resistant to upsets. 


Ponds, lakes and dams are often stressed by unnatural water cycling and nutrient spikes, as well as other pollutants, and often have a reduced capacity to decompose organic matter, cycle nutrients, and maintain the water quality required to harbour a healthy aquatic ecosystem.


Bioremediation is defined as a process that uses function-focused bacteria and/or their enzymes to consume and break down environmental pollutants, in order to reduce the impact of by-products created from anthropogenic activities, such as industrialization and agricultural processes. 


EcoBac uses completely natural, non-engineered and non-pathogenic bacteria that have been selected for their ability to solubilise and digest greases, organic sludge and other contaminants. 

Enhanced water quality

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Biological Water Quality Treatment

This solution is supplied either ready-to-use in bottles, or for large lakes and problematic ponds, we can supply the bacteria in powder form which will then need to be brewed, using a brewing process to further enhance the concentration and growth rate of the function-focused bacteria. 

Wastewater Bioaugmentation Solutions

Wastewater often has excessive levels of SS (Suspended solids), BOD (Biological oxygen demand) content, FOG (Fats, oils and greases), as well as high levels of nitrates, polymers and other contaminants. 

EcoBac is a blend of bacterial cultures and nutrients, formulated to enhance and speed up the rate of the biodegradation and elimination of grease and sludge, as well as other organic pollutants, in all types of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants and systems. 


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