Gro-Perfect SR

GRO-PERFECT SR is an all natural, environmentally friendly biological solution, containing Plant Growth Promoting Bacteria (PGPB), formulated to promote biological activity in soil and enhance soil nutrient bioavailability. PGPB occupying the rhizosphere have significant beneficial effects on plants and crops, improving health, growth and quality.

Gro-Perfect SR

The build-up of phosphates, nitrates and other pollutants in soil, through the use of fertilisers, pesticides and herbicides can cause plants to grow poorly and even die, as well as creating other environmental issues. Soil nutrient bioavailability is reduced and the plants ability to absorb required micronutrients is adversely affected, even when soil tests show that there are adequate amounts existing in the soil. 


Gro-Perfect SR contains a unique blend of live microorganisms that deliver a broad-spectrum of PGPB that are function-focused and beneficial, formulated to inoculate planting soils and hydroponic mediums. 


Gro-Perfect SR is a biological soil inoculant used in a variety of agricultural and horticultural programs to restore and sustainably maintain the health of planting soils and hydroponic mediums, to ultimately optimise plant health and growth and reducing crop grow times on fruit and vegetable crops, field crops, plant nurseries and paddocks, as well as in tunnel houses and in hydroponic facilities. 

Optimize crop yield & quality

Discover the many uses of Gro-Perfect SR and learn more by downloading our product documentation.

Plant growth promoting bacteria & soil remediation

 Gro-Perfect SR is proven to significantly increase crop yields and shorten the crop grow time in both soil and hydroponic applications. Using PGPB can also help to reduce the use of fertilisers, fungicides and pesticides. 


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